India lacks pure rockstar: AR Rahman

Added by harini on Oct 30, 2011

The music maestro AR Rahman is gearing up for the live ‘Rockstar’ concert to be held in Mumbai on November 1. This is the first time ever that the music director would be performing in a live concert to promote a movie.

While talking to the media about the concert, AR Rahman, who is the only Indian musician to have won an Academy Award, said that India lacks a true Rockstar.

"I have seen IIT people playing rock music and then you have the usual rock bands. India-wise, we have morals and hence, we do not see pure rockstars here," Rahman said.

"Also, in this film, the character that Ranbir plays, does not drink. He does not like alcohol. But, I like the character," he added.

The music of the movie ‘Rockstar’ has been well received by the audience and especially the song ‘Sadda Haq’ had become a rage among the youth.

AR Rahman added that making ‘Rockstar’ album wasn’t an easy tas

"For a couple of songs we had trouble. Like for the song 'Nadaan Parinde', I felt, we could have done better so we re-worked on it. We faced problem while mixing the songs. It took 35 to 40 days for the mixing," Rahman said.

The concert along with the famous ‘Sadda Haq’ will also feature 'Jo Bhi Main', 'Kun Faaya Kun', 'Katiyan Karun', and 'Nadaan Parinde'.

The concert will feature Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri along with the movie director Imtiaz Ali.

The movie ‘Rockstar’ will release on November 11.

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