Anil Kapoor gets a special MI:4 footage

Added by harini on Nov 04, 2011

‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (MI4)’ is one of the most anticipated movie not only from Tom Cruise’s fans but also Anil Kapoor’s fans.

So it was no wonder that Anil Kapoor fans were miffed when they saw that Anil Kapoor was missing from the film’s first trailer that was released a few months ago. But the fans were overjoyed when they saw that the theatrical trailer that was released a month ago featured Anil Kapoor in it.

Anil Kapoor fans have even more reason to celebrate now as the makers of the movie have presented Anil Kapoor with a special 20-minute cut of unseen footage from the espionage thriller, which Anil Kapoor is free to share.

“Over the weekend, Anil Kapoor got a call informing him that he would be getting this special 20-minute package, and that he can showcase it inIndia. Once he is back on Wednesday, he will decide how to showcase it,” says a close friend of the actor.

Anil Kapoor is planning on holding a special screening of the video with few media personnel and few close friends.

“Yes, I have got a call from the MI4 producers. I haven’t seen the special cut yet. But it is good news,” confirms the actor.

Anil Kapoor plays an Indian tycoon Brij Nath in the film. The movie will release on December 16 inIndia.

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