I respect Chitrangada: Deepika

Added by harini on Nov 08, 2011

The media has been buzzing with reports of a catfight between the two leading ladies of ‘Desi Boyz’ movie Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh and that too over a pink dress.

According the two reports Deepika and Chitrangada both wanted to wear the same dress. But given the size and stature differences between both the actress, everyone on sets including Deepika Padukone find the reports funny.

"I have read those reports and it's quite silly. It makes us look so immature. We're not kids. She is my senior and I have a lot of respect for her. I admire her for carving a niche in offbeat cinema,” said Deepika Padukone to a daily.

"We have just one scene together and we spoke a lot on the day we shot it. Most of our conversation revolved around golf. Her husband Jyoti Randhawa is a world famous golfer and my sister Anisha, who is a golfer herself, admires Jyoti. She even showed me a picture of her son, who is adorable,” she added.

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