Katrina Kaif's 'bikini issue' not yet resolved

Added by harini on Nov 08, 2011

When Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya approached Katrina Kaif with the leading role in ‘Dhoom 3’, the actress signed on the dotting line on the condition that they would do away with the bikini scene.

In fact Katrina Kaif had managed to convince Aditya Chopra that bikini sequence wasn’t required in the movie. But now the team of ‘Dhoom 3’ is having second thoughts about it.

"Though Katrina signed on the dotted line for Dhoom 3 only on condition that the bikini sequence be removed, they reluctantly removed the bikini. But the question of what she wears in lieu of the skimpy apparel has only now been resolved,” said a source.

Even though Katrina Kaif won’t be wearing a bikini, she will be now be wearing shorts and a suitable top.

"Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya were not willing to do away with the sequence where Katrina was to be seen in beach wear. The sequence was to be shot on an exotic beach. After she said no to wearing a two-piece, there was talk of doing away with that sequence altogether. But it is felt by the entire team that the beach location is lucky for the series. Since Katrina is required for that sequence, her clothes have been suitable modified to go by her aesthetic comfort and the requirement of the sequence,” added the source.

The actress has already started training for her role in Dhoom, which is a mixture of Catwoman and Lara Croft, with a bit of Hema Malini from Seeta Aur Geeta, in Istanbul, where she is currently shooting for ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

"Katrina has a round-the-clock trainer with her in Istanbul who is currently training her in the rudiments of the physical-type required. She gets into advanced training on her return,” said a source.

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