'The Dirty Picture' is not a biopic

Added by harini on Nov 09, 2011

Days after Silk Smitha’s brother V Naga Vara Prasad, sent a notice to director Milan Luthria and producer Ekta Kapoor for making biopic on life of Silk Smitha without consent of the family, Balaji Motion Pictures has issued a statement saying that the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ isn’t a biopic of Silk Smitha’s life.

“With reference to the legal notice received, Balaji wishes to clarify that ‘The Dirty Picture’ is the romantic journey of a fiercely ambitious starlet, who dreams of making it big on the silver screen. It draws inspiration from the strugglers of the ’80s in the, whose indomitable spirit made them emerge triumphant and create a unique space for themselves in the male-dominated film industry,” says a spokesperson from the production house, in a statement.

To steer clear of anymore complications the makers have added a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie.

‘The film is not a formal biopic or biography, as is being speculated. It is a work of fiction, and any characters resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental,’ it reads.

Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures says, “The film is the story of a woman’s journey to reach the top. Just because her (Vidya) name happens to be Silk, it doesn’t mean it’s her story. There used to be countless girls in the 80’s. We have never stated in official terms that the film is a biography.”

Vara Prasad had also requested to be shown the movie before the release but film makers are in mood to grant his request.

We are not obliged to show the film to anybody,” adds Tanuj.

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