Kareena Kapoor denies wedding rumors

Added by harini on Nov 12, 2011

Its been reported again and again in the media that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan will tie the knot in February next year as soon as their movie ‘Agent Vinod’ releases.

"Wrong!" said Kareena Kapoor to TOI when asked if she was getting married in February 2012.

"It's great that people have set my wedding date, have designed my wedding dress and planned my honeymoon without me being aware of it! It's flattering, but no, I'm not getting married, yet!" she added.

She said that she was happy with how things were at present and is in no hurry to marry yet.

"Saif and I are happily in love and happy with each other; We are taking our time. And I assure you, nothing - absolutely nothing - is fixed as yet: no marriage date, no marriage dress, nothing!" she said.

She also added that the thing most important to both Saif and herself at present is their movie ‘Agent Vinod’.

"It's a special film. The movie is made on a huge canvas. I am hoping it'll be my next hit. Our fingers are crossed. We have worked so hard on it. Let's hope the effort is worth it," she concluded.

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