There is someone special in my life: John Abraham

Added by harini on Nov 15, 2011

The actor John Abraham, who recently broke off his 9 year old relation with Bipasha Basu, was recently spotted with 26-year-old former banker Priya Marwah last Friday evening during a recent event in Mumbai.

Not only had John Abraham arrived with a new lady he also confessed about having someone special in his life.

"There is someone special in my life, but I won't want to say anything more than that. It is extremely personal,” he said.

John Abraham had previously confessed to have dated several women post break up but nothing serious. But Priya Marwah seems to be someone special as this is the first time that the actor has made a public appearance with a lady post break up.

Recently, it was also rumored that John Abraham was even engaged to Priya Marwah.

When asked if the rumors about his wedding plans were true he said, “I may even surprise or shock you people very soon. You never know.”

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