Vidya was my first choice for Silk: Milan Luthria

Added by harini on Nov 30, 2011

Milan Luthria’s movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ has been in news ever since its inception for its bold content. While few set of audience have reservations about the content, the others are applauding it. All in all, ‘The Dirty Picture’ has become of the most anticipated movie worldwide.

“Yes, there has been an amazing buzz all over the world. It's a tremendous response to a film that does not have a superstar cast or Rs 50 crore budget. I won't deny the fact that I used sex as a marketing tool, but at the end of the day, I have made a good film with some great performances,” he said in an interview to a daily.

Even though the choice of Vidya Balan as the sensuous ‘Silk’ took everyone by surprise, Milan Luthria said that Vidya Balan had always been his first choice for the role.

“When I read the script, I said it had to be Vidya. This bold role is against her image and that's what I found very interesting. She has got the perfect Indian face and an Indian body which is disappearing from films made today,” he said.

“Vidya is an exceptional choice to do this film at this stage of her career. She is carving out a niche for herself. I call her the Alpha female of Bollywood. Her fans and audiences wait for her films to release. She is to women what Aamir Khan is to men. Aamir does a ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and at the same time he also does a ‘Ghajini’, and Vidya is doing the same thing,” he added.

The film is fast earning the tag of ‘soft porn’ due to its content. But Milan Luthria said his movie is nothing but a regular film.

“It is a regular film, but I don't deny the fact that it has some strong elements of soft porn, though that doesn't make it a soft porn film. Recently, we had Delhi Belly which had a slice of humor with foul language and some unusual graphics. Similarly, we have taken a culture that has never been shown. We don't want to be apologetic about what we have made,” he said.

“I think The Dirty Picture takes the level of unconventional a notch above what has been shown or heard in Bollywood so far,” he added.

The movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Khan and Tusshar Kapoor as male leads.

The movie will be hitting the screens on November 2nd.

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