I have contaminated Bollywood: Emraan Hashmi

Added by harini on Dec 04, 2011

Emraan Hashmi is known for the portrayal of bold characters that none of the other Bollywood hero’s would have portrayed. His bold and sexual scenes in his movies earned him the reputation of a ‘serial-kisser’.

Emraan Hashmi has no qualms with his tag and infact agrees that it’s him who has contaminated Bollywood.

“I have contaminated the film industry. If not I, then someone else would have done those bold acts. Cinema has to evolve. I was the face of something that was bold, that raised eyebrows. Some of the cultural dictators of the film industry said what he (Emraan) has done, this is not Bollywood, what kind of films are these...this is not our culture,” Emraan Hashmi said in an interview with PTI.

“There was certain element of boldness...there is a different texture to my films. And as far as audience wants to see it then how can it be wrong and as long as there is market for this… Sexuality, boldness, vulgarity...it depends upon person to person and everyone has a different perception,” he added.

When asked if his ‘serial-kisser’ tag ended up helping his career rather than hurting it, he said, “I don't know if it is still helping me or damaging my career right now. Something is working...because my films are working. Eventually no one gives a damn about what someone writes or thinks about the onscreen image. As long as your products like ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Murder’ are good no one really thinks of the image.”

Asked if he ever tells his wife about his movies, he said with a smile, “I do tell her about the films I do... but she doesn't go into the details about it otherwise she would never let me do it.”

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