Sonu Nigam's 4-year-old son sings milk version 'Kolaveri Di'

Added by harini on Dec 06, 2011

Dhanush, who became a celebrity overnight thanks to his ‘Kolaveri Di’ song, now, has a stiff competition from Sonu Nigam’s 4 year old son Nevaan Nigam.

Nevaan, along with his Dad Sonu Nigam, has come up with milk version of ‘Kolaveri Di’ song with lyrics like ‘handla glass-u, glass la milk-u, milk-u colour white-u; empty glass-u, mamma come-u, give me milk-u dear-u’.

Nevaan 'Kolaveri Di' version

Both Sonu Nigam and his wife Madhurima can be seen encouraging their son, who takes on the microphone with the practiced ease of a pro. Though just 4 year old, Nevaan sings with such confidence and cuteness that he has endeared thousands of fans on net.

The song already has hit 83,846 and has garnered 6,863 likes.

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