If people think I deserve 7 crs then I am happy: Vidya Balan

Added by harini on Dec 09, 2011

Recently it was reported that post ‘The Dirty Picture’ the actress Vidya Balan has hiked her price to a whooping 7 crores per movie.

Vidya Balan though has laughed off the news and said that she hadn’t even read any new scripts yet let alone talking about the money.

“Wow! I would love that. But honestly, I have not even had script sessions with directors or producers after the film released. How could I graduate to talking about the money?” she said to a leading daily.

“I am looking forward to see what kind of scripts come my way. But if that’s (Rs 7 crore) what people think I deserve, I am more than happy,” she added.

The actress though admitted that she is ‘business-minded’ when it comes to acting as it’s her profession.

“As much as I give my heart to it, acting is a profession for me. I am not here for charity, so I definitely command a good price,” she admitted.

“I have not asked for Rs 7 crore. For now, I am grateful for the kind of roles I have and the chance to work with directors who bring out the best in me,” she clarified quickly.

It’s a known fact that male actors in Bollywood get shares from the profits of their movies. Vidya Balan thinks that its high time female actors get shares in profits too.

“It’s about time a share in the profit of films become a reality for female actors too,” said Vidya Balan.

‘The Dirty Picture’ producer Ekta Kapoor agrees with Vidya Balan.

“If the heroines are talented, bankable and bring the audience in, then they have a right to the profits too,” she said.

We are all waiting for that day.

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