Jackie Shroff is not gay: His wife, Ayesha

Added by harini on Dec 11, 2011

When a national magazine claimed that Jackie Shroff had come out of the closet and confessed to being gay in a recent interview with them, the news spread like wildfire. Twitter was bustling with tweets and jokes about this particular news.

This news got so much of attention that Jackie Shroff had to clarify the issue.

“Bhidu, I'm not gay! Kaam dhanda nahin hai logon ko... kalyug jhelo (People have no work... it's the times we live in)!” said the actor to TOI.

His wife Ayesha also rubbished the rumors and said Jackie Shroff wasn’t gay.

“This is the most ridiculous story I've heard. Jackie will be in splits when he hears this! I have many gay friends and I respect their preferences, but Jackie is definitely straight. I can vouch for that!” she said.

It was later reported that this was a gimmick to gain publicity as the actor would soon be entering ‘Bigg Boss’ house. But Ayesha even denied these reports.

“Jackie doesn't need to pull a stunt like this! Yes, he was approached for Bigg Boss, but he rejected it despite being offered a huge amount of money,” she said.

Jackie Shroff has two sons with Ayesha Tiger andKrishna.

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