Deepika Padukone calls Yuvraj Singh to inquire about his health

Added by harini on Dec 16, 2011

The so called relationship between Deepika Padukone and the left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh dint end on a good note. But that did not stop Deepika Padukone from picking up the phone and calling her ex-boyfriend to inquire about his health, who was recently diagnosed with a non-malignant tumour in his lung.

“Deepika and Yuvraj hadn't parted amicably. They even avoided each other on more than one occasion. However, recently Deepika picked up the phone and called him. Yuvraj was pleasantly surprised. The conversation did not last too long. After a few minutes she again told him 'Get well soon',” said a friend of Yuvraj Singh to Mumbai Mirror.

The reason behind their spilt is believed to be Yuvraj Singh’s over possessive nature and also that Deepika Padukone couldn’t give him enough time as she got very busy post her ‘Om Shanti Om’ success.

“This peeved Yuvi no end and he felt that he wasn't getting enough attention from her," added the friend.

The couple split up in 2008. The actress later dated Ranbir Kapoor and is currently dating Siddhartha Mallya.

A close friend of Deepika Padukone confirmed the call and said that Deepika doesn’t brood on past and believes in moving on with life.

“Deepika and Siddhartha are in a very happy space. Deepika's call to Yuvraj is a friendly gesture. Deepika doesn't brood over the past and lives in the present. People move on and evolve,” said Deepika’s friend to Mumbai Mirror.

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