I and SRK share a love-hate relationship in Don: Priyanka

Added by harini on Dec 21, 2011

Priyanka Chopra is reprising the role of ‘Roma’ in her upcoming movie ‘Don 2’. ‘Roma’s’ mission in life is to see Don played by Shah Rukh Khan behind the bars but unknown to her she falls in love with him in ‘Don’ movie.

In ‘Don 2’ even though she continues to hunt for Don in the movie she shares a love-hate relationship with him.

“When it comes to Don, there is this really interesting relationship between Roma and him. Her life’s mission is to catch him. Having said that, there is still something strange that draws her towards him. She is angry with him for what she has done to her but it is tough for her to hate him,” said Priyanka Chopra to a daily.

She said that it’s the love-hate relationship between them that makes their relationship and the movie more interesting.

“It is this very combination that makes their relationship exceptionally interesting. There is a love hate relationship between the two of us. While I am forever angry, he is always oh-so-charming,” she said.

While the music of ‘Don’ especially the song ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ created magic, ‘Don 2’ movie has failed to do the same.

“‘Don 2’ is a very fast paced movie and there is no place for songs. The ones that you even see in the film are those that are really required in the film. Farhan was sure that he didn’t want to move away from the essence of `Don`. It is easy to just go ahead and copy what has been made earlier but then `Don 2` is not `Don`. This is a cool stylish action film and much more than just ‘Aaj Ki Raat’,” she said.

The expectations from ‘Don 2’ are very high and but Priyanka Chopra said that ‘Don 2’ is like any other film of hers.

“Of course it is scary but then it isn’t just for ‘Don 2’ though. I have the same feeling and stress for every film of mine. I always keep thinking whether people would like my film or not, whether I would impress them or not, etc. Still, I can definitely say though that if people liked ‘Don’, they would definitely love ‘Don 2’,” she said.

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