It's tough to wear a bikini: Bipasha Basu

Added by harini on Dec 21, 2011

Bipasha Basu, who sports a red hot sexy bikini in her upcoming movie ‘Players’, said that wearing bikini is tough.

The actress, who is all set to release her second fitness DVD called ‘Beach Body’, has shut the mouths of the critics, who had panned her as over-weight few years ago.

“Usually, I am very critical about my look but this time I have worked really on my body and I am pleased with the result,” she said.

She said that her second DVD was aimed at girls who want that perfect bikini body and her DVD would tell you how to get that perfect body.

“We have a strong bikini culture but the girls find it hard to pull off the look, as it is tough to wear a bikini, swimsuit is easy though. The DVD is going to give the girls who are already lean, an idea how to go about their lower body,” she said.

To get that perfect body for her movie ‘Players’, the actress Bipasha collaborated with Paul Britto, who devised an exercise plan that comprised of functional training with an abs routine, kick-boxing, cardio and stretching and normal weight training.

The movie ‘Players’ is also set to release on January 6 2012.

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