Amitabh Bachchan is the original Don: Shah Rukh Khan

Added by harini on Dec 23, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan, who has essayed the role of Don for the second time in ‘Don 2’, said that Amitabh Bachchan, who played the role of Don in 1978 movie ‘Don’, is still the original Don.

“I have great respect for Mr. Bachchan. He is the original Don, and we all are inspired by him, which is why we mustered up some courage and Farhan, his team and I set out on this valiant venture to make Don, and then Don 2,” he said.

‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ that released a week ago has garnered great response from both critics and audience. Parallels have been drawn between ‘Mission Impossible 4’ and ‘Don 2’. But Shah Rukh Khan said that there was nothing similar between the two movies.

“Our film is about a bad guy who wants to take over the world and destroy it for his personal gain and sadistic pleasure. MI: 4 are about a good guy who is out to save the world. He’s done it before, and people know he’ll do it again because this is the fourth installment in the franchise. But in the case of Don 2, this is only our first attempt to take the story forward after the earlier remake. And people are waiting to see if Don can fool people again,” he said.

The thing that’s common in the movies though is the locations. When asked about the similarities of the locations he said, “When we shoot in Delhi we invariably take shots of India Gate. Ditto for Berlin. You invariably end up showcasing the popular tourist spots. But if that was a criterion, then every year, out of the 200 Hindi films that are made, the 120 that are shot in Mumbai would be the same.”

Both ‘MI: 4’ and ‘Don 2’ are high action and stylish movies. It would be interesting to see if ‘Don 2’ can leave ‘MI: 4’ behind.

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