People respect me because of my Dad: Sonam Kapoor

Added by harini on Dec 29, 2011

It’s always difficult for star kids to live up the standards set up by their parents. While many star kids of Bollywood find it difficult to reach the standard set up by their parents, Sonam Kapoor likes to see this issue in a totally different light.

“I am here (in Bollywood) because of my father. I am not one of those star-kids who say you don't know how hard I have worked and that it has nothing to do with my father. My work has everything to do with my father. People treat me with respect because I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter,” she said to a daily during the promotion of her upcoming movie ‘Players’.

While many star kids like to disassociate themselves from their parent’s fame and carve a niche for themselves individually, Sonam Kapoor said that she wouldn’t like to disassociate herself.

“No, I am proud of him. It is unfair to my father's hard work to say it has nothing to do with me,” she said.

“He has been in the industry for 30 years and he has worked for his children and if we don't bear the fruits of his hard work then who will,” she asked.

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