I only go for performance-oriented roles: Vidya Balan

Added by harini on Jan 03, 2012

It’s been over a month since the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ released but the movie is still going strong and the accolades for the lead actress Vidya Balan are still pouring in.

“I am ecstatic with all the compliments that have come my way even though the film's release was a month ago. What touched my heart most was the acknowledgement coming from my parents? They said to me that within five minutes of ‘The Dirty Picture’, they forgot that the girl on screen was their daughter and instead took home Silk. It was a big relief when my parents said that since right through the film's making, I was wary of their reactions,” she said to a daily.

The actress, who was previous known for elegant, classy and graceful roles, surprised many with her bold portrayal of Silk in the movie.

“I have never conformed to what was expected of me as an actor. What’s the fun if you do what your audience already knows you can? I like to surprise and be surprised,” she said.

“I only go for performance-oriented roles, and my choice is not influenced by the length of my role or co-stars or money. But yes, that apart, I think I do have some affinity to gravitate towards these kinds of films and they seem to find their way to me,” she added.

When asked about surprising us with her marriage she smiled and said, “I love surprising, so you never know”.

“Well, I am in a happy space personally is all I can say. It’s not like I’m fiercely trying to hide something, but honestly, there’s nothing to talk about it too, I feel. Marriage and all will happen when it has too,” she added.

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