I'm looking forward to work in 'Jism 2': Sunny Leone

Added by harini on Jan 03, 2012

Sunny Leone’s stint at the ‘Bigg Boss’ house might have come to an end but the Indo-Canadian porn star stint with Bollywood might just begin.

We all know that Mahesh Bhatt approached Sunny when she was at the ‘Bigg Boss’ house with the lead role in his upcoming movie ‘Jism 2’, which will be directed by his daughter Pooja Bhatt.

They had decided to have further discussions about Sunny’s debut in Bollywood once she was out of the house. And now that Sunny is out she is keen on meeting Mahesh Bhatt and discussing the project.

“I am looking forward to meeting Mahesh Bhatt. I am really excited about my Bollywood debut. I am honoured to get an opportunity of working with him,” she said to PTI.

“At first I didn't really know who he was but after knowing that he is such a respectable man outside I am happy to start a career here,” she added.

Sunny is keen to learn more about her role in the movie.

“I want to know what he expects out of me as an actress and what will be my role,” she said.

Sunny also said that she wanted to become a Bollywood actress for a long time now.

“I've always wanted to enter into Bollywood in India and Bigg Boss was the first professional offer which came my way... this was the best offer for me,” she said.

She had previously stated that she is a big fan of Salman Khan and would love to star opposite him in a movie.

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