Karisma Kapoor refuses to get intimate on screen

Added by harini on Jan 05, 2012

Vikram Bhatt’s next 3D movie ‘Dangerous Ishq’ is touted to be an erotic thriller. But the movie might just end being a thriller.

The lead actress of the movie Karisma Kapoor, who is making her come back on big screen post her wedding and kids, has refused to get intimate with both of her co-stars Ravi Kissen and Rajneesh Duggal despite the story line being about two men passionately obsessed with her.

“When Vikram Bhatt approached Karisma, one of her basic anxieties was regarding intimate scenes. Though she is quite excited about playing five different avatars in one film, a lot of intimate scenes in the script were a cause of worry. Vikram's films have always been unabashedly erotic. Dangerous Ishq was no exception,” said a source close to the Kapoor’s to Mumbai Mirror.

The source went on to add that Karisma Kapoor had made it clear in her contract itself that she wouldn’t be doing any such scenes and Vikram Bhatt had no other option but to drop the erotica from his film.

But when contacted Vikram Bhatt he denied any such clause in the contract.

The movie’s lead actor Ravi Kissen though confirmed that they were no intimate scenes in the movie.

“I play a man who is consumed by passion for her. But it's all done from a distance. There was no question of any intimacy. She is Karisma Kapoor and we had to keep her character's decorum in mind all the time,” said Ravi Kissen.

The movie’s another lead actor Rajneesh Duggal said, “Karisma and I play lovers in different lives. We don't have intimate scenes together. Just happy romantic and colorful moments.”

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