I have grown up from being a lost child: Bipasha Basu

Added by harini on Jan 08, 2012

Bipasha Basu, who celebrates, her 33rd birthday today, said that she had come a long way in Bollywood. The actress, who debuted 10 years ago in September with ‘Ajnabee’, said that she no longer feels like a lost child.

“Audience has been quite gracious in accepting me as an actor. Frankly, I have learnt it all on the job. Otherwise when I started off in 'Ajnabee', I was pretty much a lost child. I have grown from that point on and am far more responsible today,” she said to PTI.

The actress revealed that the only reason she ever joined movies was because she wanted a break from her modeling career.

“I stepped into films just for the fun of it because I had got bored of modeling. I didn't have any clue what acting was all about and it is to the credit of Abbas-Mustan that they held my finger and guided me throughout,” she said.

The actress recent movie ‘Players’ is incidentally directed by the same director duo Abbas-Mustan, who gave her break in Bollywood. The actress was even a part of their blockbuster hit ‘Race’ and will be seen in its sequel ‘Race 2’.

Bipasha said that over the years her relationship with the director duo has only grown.

“Abbas-Mustan are really very forward thinking directors. They not only devise innovative plotlines but also think out of the box when it comes to execution. They are so advanced and their ideas are ahead of the times. 10 years back who could have imagined a film on wife swapping (Ajnabee),” she concluded.

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