I will never wear a bikini on-screen: Sonam Kapoor

Added by harini on Jan 18, 2012

Sonam Kapoor on many occasions has admitted that she doesn’t like wearing bikini as she doesn’t think she has a body to carry it off.

But recently its been rumored that Sonam Kapoor was getting in shape so as to don a bikini in one of her upcoming movies. But Sonam Kapoor rubbishes these rumors.

“I will never wear a bikini on-screen because I am not confident enough. I know that I will not look good. I am not comfortable in showing off my body. I may look thin but inside I am still a fat girl,” she said.

“I don’t have the best body... I have loose skin. I look good because of the clothes I wear. I choose my clothes very carefully, which make me look thin and perfectly fit my body,” she added to PTI.

Sonam Kapoor used to weigh around 86 kgs before entering Bollywood. But the actress shed all her weight before her first movie 'Saawariya'.

“I do work out a lot and try too keep a tab on what I eat but there is certain type, style and colour which suits me and I stick to that,” she said.

“It's because of my work I am determined to stay in shape. In my profession there is a constant demand to look good with people watching you all the time. It's my job to look good as there are people investing money in me. It's also that I love clothes a lot and I just want to fit into them so I try and maintain my body,” she added.

When asked which of the Bollywood actress does she compete with when it comes to good figure, she replied, “I am not in competition with any of the girls but I compete with boys. I think they are much hotter and conscious about their body.”

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