Jacqueline Fernandez out of 'Raaz 3'

Added by harini on Jan 20, 2012

The actress Jacqueline Fernandez seems to be walking out of movies faster than signing them. After walking out of ‘Krrish 3’ refusing to get intimate with Hrithik Roshan and ‘Race 2’ refusing to wear revealing clothes, the actress has walked out of ‘Raaz 3’.

After the immense success of ‘Murder 2’, Mahesh Bhatt was keen on working with Jackie in another movie and signed her for ‘Raaz 3’.

But the actress has now decided to walkout of the movie after creative differences with the director Vikram Bhatt over her wardrobe in the movie.

“We as a production house make films purely on the basis of the director's vision. Now for some reason when an actor has issues about what to wear in the film, we leave it to the director and given a choice go by what the director has in mind,” confirmed Mahesh Bhatt to Mumbai Mirror.

But the same actress dint seem to have any problem with exposing in ‘Murder 2’.

“That's the beauty of it. We are yet to find the replacement, as Raaz 3 goes on the floors on January 27, 2012. Destiny too plays an important role. When we were making Raaz, Lisa Ray had a similar issue and Bipasha replaced her and went on to became a huge star. Let's hope that's what happens with the actress who replaces Jacqueline,” he said.

Jacqueline Fernandez confirmed the news that she was no longer a part of ‘Raaz 3’.

“Yes I am no longer a part of Raaz 3. However we have come to a mutual understanding and agreed to part ways,” she said.

“Yes, there were certain concerns and I wasn't comfortable and I told them. But they weren't in a situation to make changes which is why I had to opt out of the film,” she added.

Its been rumored that the reason Jacqueline walked out of the movie is her boyfriend Sajid Khan, who doesn’t seem to like Jacqueline exposing or doing steamy scenes. He apparently told the actress that ‘if she wanted to become an A-list actress she had to stop doing B-grade films’.

Will this move cost Jacqueline a hit or make her career needs to seen.

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