Sunny is apt for her role in 'Jism 2': Pooja Bhatt

Added by harini on Jan 24, 2012

The fact that Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone has been finalized for the movie  ‘Jism 2’ has managed to create quite a stir. Many believe that the only reason Sunny Leone has been cast in the movie is to cash in on her popularity.

But the director of the film Pooja Bhatt said that the only reason they chose Sunny for the role is because the actress fits the bill perfectly.

“We have done authentic casting in 'Jism 2'. We have taken Sunny Leone because we want a girl who plays that kind of part and persona,” said Pooja Bhatt to a daily

“It is very important that you cast authentically. Everyone talks about out-of-the-box casting but no one does it,” she added.

Pooja Bhatt, who has done movies like ‘Jism’ and ‘Zakhm’, said that the Bhatt’s only like to associate themselves with genuine people.

“People talk about 'Zakhm' and then go and watch 'Jism'. The point is that we have decided to attach ourselves with only those who are audacious, be it Sunny Leone or anyone else; people who walk their talk and dare to stick their necks out,” she said.

The two leads in ‘Jism 2’ are yet to be decided. The movie is set to go on floors soon.

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