Kamal Haasan keen to have Shah Rukh in remake of 'Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu'

Added by harini on Jan 25, 2012

Kamal Haasan, who played the lead role of a cop looking for a serial killer in the movie ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’, is keen on having Shah Rukh Khan play his role in the Hindi remake of the movie by Gautham Menon.

Kamal Haasan has been very fond of Shah Rukh Khan ever since Shah Rukh Khan worked in his movie ‘Hey Ram’ for free. Kamal Haasan also feels that Shah Rukh Khan fits the character perfectly.

“Kamalji is extremely fond of Shah Rukh. They go back a long way to the time when 12 years ago Shah Rukh agreed to do Kamalji's 'Hey Ram' free of cost. When director Gautham Menon, who understandably respects Kamalji's opinion, asked the thespian who should play his role in the Hindi remake, Kamalji promptly gave Shah Rukh's name,” said a source close to the unit to a leading daily.

The director Gautham Menon confirmed that they were keen on having Shah Rukh Khan in the project. He also denied the rumors of wanting to cast Salman Khan in the lead role.

“I don't know where these reports of Salman Khan being an option for 'Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu' are coming from. It's Shah Rukh Khan, who is the first and only choice. Kamalji played the part in the Tamil original. So Shah Rukh seems the right candidate for the part,” he said.

The other main reason for over looking Salman Khan is because Salman Khan has already acted as a cop in many movies and presents no novelty factor.

"Shah Rukh in khaki is a novelty. Salman has been there and done it many times. Shah Rukh is our man for the part," said the source.

But Shah Rukh Khan is yet to give a nod for this project as the actor is unable to choose between this movie and A.R. Murugadoss's ‘Ramanna’.

Both the movies are remake of Tamil movies and offer Shah Rukh Khan with roles he has never performed before.

“While Murugadoss's film casts SRK as a social crusader, Menon's film casts him as a cop, a role he has played just once in Shashilal Nair's ‘One 2 Ka 4’ and that too a plain-clothed cop. SRK has never got a chance to get into khaki uniform. This, ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ will let him do,” said the source.

Another reason Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t said yes to the project yet is because the movie ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ bears a slight resemblance with Aamir Khan’s ‘Talaash’ and King Khan wants to see how ‘Talaash’ is received by the audience before signing the movie.

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