Unveiling the first look of 'Agent Vinod' starring Saif and Kareena

Added by harini on Jan 27, 2012
Agent Vinod Poster
Agent Vinod Poster

The theatrical trailer of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s much awaited movie ‘Agent Vinod’ has been finally unveiled.

Said Ali Khan plays the role of a spy in this action thriller, while his lady love Kareena Kapoor portrays a role of a secret agent with grey shades.

First Look Trailer of 'Agent Vinod'

From the trailers and the first look poster the movie seems to have a striking resemblance with James Bond movies but Saif Ali Khan has denied this.

“This (comparison) would be very stupid thing to do. James Bond is an English character. He was the representative of capitalism against Communist Russia. He is a capitalist hero, who drinks and womanizes, and he is a hero who saves the world. When you see the first scene of our film you will realize that it is an Indian hero who is very different from the Bond character because we did not want to make a copy of Bond film,” said Saif Ali Khan during the unveiling of first look of ‘Agent Vinod’.

The movie is directed by Raghavan. The movie will hit screens on March 23rd.

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