Kareena looks good only with me: Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Jan 27, 2012

Actress Kareena Kapoor is only one of the privileged actress who has worked with the Khan’s of Bollywood. The actress has worked with Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and more recently the youngest Khan of Bollywood Imran Khan.

Soon she will be seen with her favorite Khan of all, her beau Saif Ali Khan in their upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’.

When asked Saif Ali Khan with which Khan does his girlfriend Kareena look best he said, “Kareena looks good with me and there is no comparison! Apart from me, I don't see anybody (with whom she looks good).”

Saif Ali Khan also asserted that Kareena Kapoor wasn’t in the movie just to provide eye candy but has a very strong role in the movie.

“Kareena has a very strong role in the film. She has done justice to the role and the role has also done justice to her,” he said during the first look of his movie 'Agent Vinod'.

The movie is a spy action thriller, so obviously Kareena Kapoor had to do some action scenes.

“She doesn't like doing action, but she is very good at it. She gives pretty intense expressions. As far as I am concerned, I thought it (action) would be fun, but it was very frightening. It's not easy,” he said.

Besides doing action Kareena Kapoor will be doing a mujra for the very first time.

“We thought let's go a different way and try something different in terms of expression. I believe even Dinesh Vijan was pushing for a mujra... we needed to make our item a little bit different,” he said.

It’s been rumored that the movie ‘Agent Vinod’ took longer than expected. But Saif Ali Khan dismissed the rumors.

“The film taking time to complete are the reports given by media. There were lots of rumors that the film is getting delayed, it's getting over the budget... everything was just a rumor. Films take time,” he said.

Though Saif Ali Khan was present at the unveiling of their movie ‘Agent Vinod’, his lady love and leading lady of the movie Kareena Kapoor was missing at the event.

“We had to divide to conquer... she will be seen in future promotional activities for the film,” he concluded.

The movie is directed by Sriram Raghavan and will release on March 23rd.

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