I'm doing only the best movies this year: Priyanka Chopra

Added by harini on Jan 28, 2012

Priyanka Chopra is incredibly happy with the response her movie ‘Agneepath’ has released. The movie that released yesterday to tremendous response both by audience and critics broke the opening day box-office record set by ‘The Bodyguard’. The movie has collected Rs. 23 crores till now and it only seems like the collections will go up during the weekend.

“'Agneepath' has redefined the power of Indian Box Office for all of us. It's heartening to see the strength of the Indian cinema audiences growing like this. We all were very confident of the film but for this kind of success and unprecedented number that it has posted on day one we must thank our audience,” said the actress to an online website.

The actress is praise for first time director Karan Malhotra, who has brought back old school Bollywood with his movie.

“I think Karan (director Karan Malhotra) has been a revelation for me. This was not an easy film to execute, but I think he’s pulled it off amazingly and I’m very glad that I’m his first heroine,” she said to DNA.

The actress admitted that she is very competitive but has nothing to worry about as she is doing the best films this year.

“I compete with everyone, but only everyone that I work with (laughs). Jokes apart, I am very competitive and I like to be the best I can be in the opportunities I am given. And to be honest, I don’t care about other people’s careers. I am doing the best films being made in the industry this year. I have nothing to complain about and there’s nothing I regret,” she said.

So when is her music album happening?

“Well, films are always a priority and there hasn’t been much time I’ve been able to give to that. So, once I have some time, I will go back to LA and should be able to come out with my single this summer,” she concluded.

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