Imran Khan denies saying that he has edge over Ranbir Kapoor

Added by harini on Feb 07, 2012

Actor Imran Khan has denied that he ever said that he had an ‘edge’ over Ranbir Kapoor.

During the promotions of ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’, Imran Khan was quoted saying that he had an edge over Ranbir Kapoor as he can be romantically paired with Kareena Kapoor while Ranbir Kapoor can’t be.

“That is not my quote. Some one said that I can work with Kareena and Ranbir can't, and I merely said, ‘Yes, that is true’,” he clarified to a daily.

“I don't make such antagonistic and aggressive statements. That is the fabrication of some eager journalist,” he added.

Kareena Kapoor agreed that Imran Khan is way too sweet to make such statements.

“Imran is too sweet a guy to make such statements. And I don't think there is an edge because everyone knows that Ranbir and I am brother and sister (laughs). So it is no big deal,” she said.

Not romantically coupled but it would be good to see Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor together in a movie.

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