Deepika is ‘unethical, unprofessional and unacceptable’: Ramesh Taurani

Added by harini on Feb 11, 2012

Deepika Padukone opting out of ‘Race 2’ after the movie went on floors has left producer Ramesh Taurani fuming.

The producer is so angry with Deepika for leaving him high and dry that he called her behavior ‘unethical, unprofessional and unacceptable’.

“I have been a part of the Hindi cinema industry for 25 years. I have made several blockbusters. I have worked with famous actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor. But I have never faced a situation like this before,” said Ramesh Taurani to a daily.

Previously when Deepika Padukone had signed Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ opposite Ranbir Kapoor, Ramesh Taurani said that he had been considerate enough to reschedule her dates so that she could work in both the movies.

“Earlier, in October, we had to change our schedule since Deepika had date problems. This was due to her film with Ayan Mukerji to be produced by Karan Johar. At the time, I had spoken to Karan and worked out a schedule that would help Deepika manage both the projects. Now, when everything is in place, she just walks out after six days of shoot. What can I say? We are left with no choice. Our directors and the other actors are extremely annoyed with her,” he said angrily.

The producer had worked around her dates and had even postponed the movie’s Turkey schedule for May-June, when she was available.

“She gave us 90 days. Fifteen days in February, 45 days in May-June and 20 days in July. We had assured her that we wouldn't waste any of her dates,” he said.

He was shocked when the reporters called him on January 27th asking him if Deepika Padukone was longer a part of ‘Race 2’.

“On that day, people kept calling me asking whether Deepika was out of Race 2. I was clueless. I called her and asked her. She simply said that she would come to my office by 5 pm with her new manager to work out everything,” he said.

“At around 3 pm, she called to say that she wouldn't be able to keep the appointment. However, her manager would be present on her behalf. Finally, when the manager arrived, he simply told me that Deepika wouldn't be able to do our film. And that's because she is doing a major Hollywood project. Now imagine!” he added.

The producer was so desperate that he dint give up on her yet and tried to talk her out of walking out of the movie.

“I went to Kurla where she was shooting. We tried to reason it out with her. But she refused to even listen. Forget about anything else, she did not even apologies for her action. She seems to have no remorse,” he said.

The fact that the actress has now gone ahead and signed Rajinikanth’s movie has irked the producer even further. The producer is now contemplating on whether to take legal action against her.

“We haven't decided whether to take legal action against Deepika. For the time being, we are in the process of finding the right replacement for her,” he said.

But a close friend of Deepika seems to have a complete different take on the situation.

“Constant delays are the reason Deepika's can't do Race 2. When the first delay happened, she adjusted her dates and shot for two days. But then again, she was informed that the dates were being changed. She would have liked to do the film but she couldn't accommodate the new set of dates. She has conveyed her apologies to Ramesh Taurani. She had liked the script but unfortunately is not being able to juggle her dates any longer,” the friend said.

For whatever reason Deepika Padukone walked out of the movie, she has managed to leave a bad taste in mouth not just od Ramesh Taurani but the director’s Abbas-Mustan and the entire cast.

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