John should get married, he is getting old: Bipasha Basu

Added by harini on Feb 18, 2012

Last year John Abraham and Bipasha Basu broke their 9 year long relationship. At first they claimed that it was amicable and that both were moving on. But by now we know that the break-up has been anything but amicable.

Recently, when a tabloid questioned Bipasha Basu on the so called engagement between John Abraham and Priya Runchal, she said, “I really wish he gets married. He is getting old.”

When asked about her own love life she said, “Currently, there are too many men who want to date me, so I have to be careful. If I find an eligible man who fits the bill, I’ll get married too.”

When asked John Abraham what he thought about his ex-girlfriends statement, he said, “I have been very busy with my work… honestly, I absolutely have no idea about what she has said about me. So, I would rather not dwell on it at all. It’s been four and a half years since I stopped getting a newspaper at home, so I don’t read what people say about me in interviews.”

John Abraham also refused to talk about his marriage plans to his girlfriend Priya.

“I love the idea of marriage. Over the period of time, I have become fiercely protective about my personal space. When I say no comments, I genuinely mean it. Professionally, I am on a high and personally I would like to guard that space,” he said.

The actor that all his energy was currently invested in his first movie as a producer ‘Vicky Donor’. The movie deals with a rather taboo and sensitive subject of sperm donation.

“I know sperm donation has been a taboo subject but wasn’t homosexuality taboo too before ‘Dostana’ released? Showing an extra-marital affair on big screen was also a taboo till ‘Jism’ happened,” he defended.

John Abraham gives kudos to Aamir Khan for coming out in the open and confessing that he and his wife Kiran Rao had a child through IVF.

“Aamir did a great thing by accepting it in public. The film is exactly about that. I want people to come out and discuss it openly, without hesitation,” he concluded.

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