Hrtihik Roshan stands up in support of legalizing homosexuality

Added by harini on Feb 28, 2012

Homosexuality has always been a very sensitive subject in India. The recent statements of home ministry and Additional Social General PP Malhotra branding gay sex as ‘immoral’ and ‘against social order’ has created uproar in the country.

Additional Social General PP Malhotra argument against legalizing homosexuality has been criticized by many people in the country including Hrithik Roshan.

“Discrimination against homosexuals is exactly that - discrimination. And ANY form of discrimination is WRONG. It’s taken us hundreds of years to evolve as a society and realize how ridiculous and preposterous discrimination against race/caste is. How many more years is it going to take us to be mature enough and learn to accept individual sexual inclination? Perhaps the starting point is to understand that homosexuality is NOT a matter of choice,” he said in an interview recently.

Malhotra’s arguments that India wasn’t like other countries in the world and that there was ‘a high chance of spreading of diseases through such acts (gay sex)’ hasn’t gone down well with people.

“You cannot choose to be gay just because your friends are or vice versa. You cannot force someone to be attracted to someone they are not attracted to. It is perhaps genetically encoded. One is basically hardwired to be or not be attracted to the same sex. Which means it is a part of your genetic characteristic. You are born that way. Which means it is a part of and in alignment with the delicate balance of all the nature around us. Also it has existed since the evolution of man, so how can something that is part of nature and has existed forever be considered immoral beats me!” Hrithik Roshan said.

“Some of the most artistic, creative, genius, gifted minds in the world have had a similar sexual orientation. Any society that does not offer freedom to human beings to live as they are, to pursue their dreams, to express themselves as part of the human race is basically a society still in the clutches of the dark ages,” he added.

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