Salman Khan talks in support of Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Feb 29, 2012

Salman Khan, who has been previously called ‘the bad boy of Bollywood’, came out in support of Saif Ali Khan in the brawl between Saif Ali Khan and Iqbal Sharma.

“Nobody asked Saif whether he got whacked first or not,” said Salman Khan to a daily.

Salman Khan blamed the media for not having the facts right and blowing up the incident out of proportion.

“I had my family member Malaika, Amrita at the table with Saif where this whole incident happened. All I am saying is, Media should have gotten to the root of the issue instead of simply writing what few people from South Africa told them! Media knows Saif for the last 18 years! Does he have the reputation of getting into brawls? I have been seeing news for the past 2 days and its shocking how media has been going on and on about the allegations against Saif. Media should go into details. How many journalists published Saif's statement? All I am saying is, first find out what happened and then publish what you want to,” he said.

Salman Khan went on to add that the main reason Saif was targeted was because he was a celebrity.

“It’s always been us. If media is so interested in writing about brawls, why don't you just go stand outside nightclubs, restaurants and keep reporting what happens inside? Its disgusting. Press has never been too kind towards the actors. Media likes spice and thus this kind of news,” he said.

Salman Khan also said that his recent total body test results were positive and he was now completely fine.

“I am perfectly fit and healthy. No problems at all,” he concluded.

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