I am here to stay: Bipasha Basu

Added by harini on Mar 03, 2012

Actress Bipasha Basu’s last movie ‘Players’ might have bombed at the box-office but the actress thinks that she has proved the point that she wanted to prove with the movie.

“Last year, I had done some art house films and a section of the media and critics had written me off,” she said.

Actress said that the main reason she accepted the movie was to prove critics wrong and show that she could glamorous.

“That question needed to be answered and I did it with Players. I wanted to tell them that I am here to stay. It was a film that relied heavily on fashion and my look in the film was appreciated. I think I fit the action genre nicely,” she said.

“The final outcome of the film is never in an actor's hands and it's not a given that every film is going to do well,” she added.

The actress also put rest to the rumors that her movie ‘Singularity’ also starring Josh Harnett has run into trouble.

“The media played up the news about Singularity. There was some crisis with the film, but everything's been sorted now. I'm going to shoot the rest of my scenes in April and the film will release later this year,” she clarified.

After the completion of the movie ‘Singularity’, the actress will begin shooting for the movie ‘Raaz 3’.

“Raaz has a lot of lust, love and fear. That's how director Vikram Bhatt described the film to me. There is certain freshness in my pairing with Emraan Hashmi,” she said.

Kamal Rashid Khan had recently tweeted saying, “Believe me I go crazy when Bipasha move her b**bs on the song Bipasha.”

This tweet obviously hasn’t gone down well with Bipasha Basu, who said, “There is a lot of filth in this world and I don't think we should give these filthy, lecherous remarks any importance.”

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