I have worked hard for this body: Salman Khan

Added by harini on Mar 06, 2012

Salman Khan’s body is rated as one of the best in Bollywood. It’s pretty obvious that to maintain a body like that Salman Khan has to work hard.

“I have worked hard for this body. And today I am finding it difficult because however much I have worked in those days that much these new kids are working out in today's date. So I have to work two-three times more,” he said.

Salman Khan recently visited Cosmopolitan Friends Association event for physically challenged, abandoned and orphan children to cheer them.

The actor, who is now 46, said that the older you get the harder you would have to work.

“When we are young people, used to forgive all your things and used to say he is a kid. That time we didn't even have to work hard. But now the more you grow, you have to work harder. You have to look younger; you have to be fitter, run faster, kick higher. All these things gives you trouble later,” he said.

It’s said that Salman Khan has been working very hard on his body for his upcoming movie ‘Dabangg 2’.

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