'Kahaani' movies train scene met with displeasure

Added by harini on Mar 06, 2012

The trailer of Vidya Balan’s new movie ‘Kahaani’ ends with a striking scene of the protagonist, Vidya Balan, being pushed in front of a speeding train.

But this scene hasn’t gone down well with Kolkata Metro, who fear that this scene will only add to their ill reputation.

“After watching the promos, we found the scene very objectionable. The Metro has been plagued by suicides. Till date we have registered 224 cases of suicides of which 124 have resulted in death. Following our objection, the said scene has been removed from the promos,” said Kolkata Metro spokesperson Pratyush Ghosh to IANS.

“Our cause of concern is how much the scene can damage Metro's image. Only after watching the entire clip we would be able judge that and decide accordingly,” he added.

Director Sujoy Ghosh, after discussions with Kolkata Metro, has agreed to forward the video clip of the whole scene to the authorities.

“Ghosh will give us the video shortly. After watching the clip and discussing with the filmmaker, we will decide whether the scene should be retained in the movie or not. It is a dream sequence and Sujoy says is integral to the movie,” said Pratyush.

Recently Vidya Balan had stated that she would be honored to be the face of Kolkata Metro.

“If I get an offer to become the brand ambassador of Kolkata Metro, I will definitely take it up,” she said.

‘Kahaani’ is a story of a seven month pregnant NRI Vidya Bagchi, played by Vidya Balan, who comes to Kolkata to find her missing husband.

The movie will release on March 9.

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