Sourav Ganguly acting debut with Golconda High School remake

Added by vidhatha on Mar 07, 2012

Former Indian Cricket team captain and dashing left handed batsman Sourav Ganguly will soon make his acting debut. The cricketer recently chanced upon the Telugu film ‘Golconda High School’ and loved it so much that he immediately bought the remake rights of the film.

‘Golconda High School’ was a 2011 Sankranthi release starring Sumanth in the lead. He played a coach in the film and steers a school cricket team to victory with his wonderful coaching abilities. Ganguly will reprise this role of coach in the Bengali remake of ‘Golconda high School’. The casting of the film is expected to begin soon. 

Sourav Ganguly has made his debut in Television as a host for a Game Show and a commentator but this would be his first ever attempt at acting. 

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