Irrfan Khan to play green goblin in new Spider-Man Series

Added by harini on Mar 14, 2012

Irrfan Khan is one the few Bollywood stars who is known for his acting chops in Hollywood.

The actor, who recently got signed to play adult Pi in movie adaptation of ‘Life of Pi’ by Ang Lee, will now be seen as green goblin in the new Spider-Man series, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, to be directed by Marc Webb.

“Irrfan's importance in Hollywood is an interesting thing. A lot of directors are really starting to take notice of him and are looking for roles for Irrfan because he's got such a wonderful reputation. There's a show he did here (in the US) called In Treatment and you really got to see his wonderful abilities. Whether its Danny Boyle or Ang Lee, really very strong directors are starting to take notice of this star, who comes from a land that some view as exotic and far away from us. But you realize with actors like Irrfan, how close they really are,” said Marc Webb.

While Marc Webb cant stop praising Irrfan Khan, Irrfan Khan seems to be might impressed with Andrew Garfield of ‘The Social Network’ fame, who plays the role of Spider-Man is the new series.

“Andrew is an amazing person. He is restless and creatively challenged, always... like any good actor should be. I was quite impressed by the way he has grown from strength to strength in art. He has done a spectacular job as Spider-Man,” he said.

Irrfan Khan’s recent release ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ is running to packed houses even though the movie was less known before its release.

“Promotions at times help and at times they do not. I feel it is just a tool to aid films but there is no guarantee that aggressive promotions will work. Ultimately, it’s the film that works its magic,” he said.

“Those who have money to promote their films do it in a big way. But these days you cannot fool the audience with gimmicks. If they feel that the promos are good and the film has potential, they will definitely go to watch the film irrespective of the promotional activities,” he added.

His movie the ‘Life of Pi’ will be released on December 21, 2012.

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