'Agent Vinod' will surprise you: Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Mar 15, 2012

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan recently visited the capital to promote his upcoming spy thriller ‘Agent Vinod’.

The actor was once again spotted sans his lady love and the lead actress of the movie Kareena Kapoor.

“She's shooting in Bombay. And we are not promoting the film together,” said Saif Ali Khan.

‘Agent Vinod’ is India’s first spy thriller and Saif Ali Khan said that the action sequences in the movie will shock the audience.

“There is such a quality of action that people aren't expecting and they will be surprised. We have worked with a lot of action directors- French, American action masters. We wanted realistic kind of action. There will be violence, but realistic,” he said.

Recently the peppy and cheeky track ‘Pyar Ki Pungi’ was released and the song has become an instant hit.

“It was a very liberating experience. Dancing is generally a liberating experience. It's a lot of fun. I don't normally dance very much but it's easy when you have a song like that. I don't see any other way of dancing to that song. We made up some steps ourselves also. And we shot it in one night which was quite remarkable,” he said.

“I didn't know Mika before. I met him in Chandigarh and he seemed like a very nice guy. He was very sweet to us. He seems like a very nice person and I look forward to working with him again,” he added.

‘Agent Vinod’ is the second home production for Saif Ali Khan (first being ‘Love Aaj Kal’). The actor has shelled out whooping Rs.50 crores from his pocket for the movie.

“50 crores is my responsibility. The idea is to give the audience the best quality possible. The first person we think about all the time is the audience,” he said.

“There was a time when there were not as many screens as today. Business is growing which is a very nice thing. There are more screens, more multiplexes. As a producer, I want as many people as possible to see this film,” he added.

To promote his movie Saif Ali Khan has recently launched Agent Vinod comic books. When asked if he was competing with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Don’ comic books, he said, “We really like his Don. It's a very nice movie. We really like Shah Rukh Khan's acting. My son is huge fan and his ringtone is of Don's. So there's no competition. This is a new comic book. People should have choices. There won't be just one film in a year.”

Other than that, Saif Ali Khan is also touring the whole country to promote the movie.

“We are holding press conferences all over the country. Every Indian has a digital medium, be it TV, mobile or computer. So promotion has become easier. I have tied up with Airtel and Reliance for promotion on mobiles. There are mobile games for the audience too,” he said.

Even before the movie has released, rumors of its sequel have been going around.

“There can be a sequel to Agent Vinod if people like the film, if people want to see the sequel. It will be very easy to have a sequel to Agent Vinod,” said Saif Ali Khan.

The movie is directed by Sriram Raghavan of ‘Johnny Gaddar’ fame.

“The film releases on March 23rd, please go and see the movie,” concluded Saif Ali Khan.

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