Asha Bhosle files a complaint against actress Sadhana

Added by harini on Mar 17, 2012

Singer Asha Bhosle has filed a complaint against actress Sadhana for allegedly encroaching and trespassing her Khar bungalow.

Sadhana has been a tenant of Asha Bhosle for 50 years now. The complaint comes due to the fact that Sadhna has denied access to the garden to Bhosle and her servants. The singer has said the garden was never let out to Sadhna.

“Sadhana Nayyar is the tenant in respect of the ground floor premises only... she is wrongly claiming tenancy in respect of the garden abutting the ground floor premises in Sangeeta bungalow by creating record as also restricting free and unhindered access to the garden to me and my representatives/servants/agents,” read the written complaint Asha Bhosle filed at Santa Cruz Police Station.

The singer said that she wanted immediate action taken against Sadhana for refusing to let her use her own garden.

“My uninterrupted lawful possession of the said premises is now being sought to be disturbed with mala fide intentions by the said Sadhna on a false pretext and by obstructing and interfering with the entry/access to the said premises by her representatives/servants/agents,” the written complaint said.

Other than Sadhana, builder Yusuf Lakdawala stays on the second floor and actor Baby Naaz lives on the first floor.

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