I hate that word 'item song': Kareena Kapoor

Added by harini on Mar 18, 2012

Kareena Kapoor’s songs like ‘Chammak Challo’ and ‘Its Rocking’ are said to be few of the best ‘item numbers’ in Bollywood but the actress finds the term ‘item number’ derogatory.

“I hate that word item song,” said actress Kareena Kapoor at the India Today Conclave 2012 on Friday.

“It’s become a trend among directors and producers...`Chalo ek item number daal dete hain (Let’s put in an item number) `. I don’t like this word item number. Why can’t it just be called a song,” she added.

Kareena said that ‘good songs’ deserve respect and terming them as ‘item numbers’ was insulting.

“In the 1960s, when Helen aunty used to do a song, my mom has told me, that she used to get scared and used to say `Oh my god, Helenji is going to do a song in our movie`. So she always knew she might not be noticed (in the film), given Helen auntie’s personality and the command that she respected,” she said.

“I just find something very derogatory about songs being called item numbers. I wish people just refer to them as just songs because songs make our Hindi films. They are what make our films global,” she added.

The actress said that she was proud of the songs she had done till now.

“When I walk the streets of London, fans come up and talk about `Chammak Challo`, `You are my Soniya` and songs of `Jab We Met`. Songs are part of our culture, we should be proud of them,” she said.

The rumors that Kareena Kapoor will be doing a song in ‘Dabangg 2’ have been rife for a while. But the actress said that nothing is concrete as of yet.

“They have spoken to me about it. But we haven’t decided anything yet. Salman has been saying you should do it, it will look great. But I don’t want to do an item song...I want to do a good song in a good film like ‘Dabangg 2’,” she said.

The actress will next be seen in a mujra number in her upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’.

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