I want 'Agent Vinod' to start 200 crs club: Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Mar 21, 2012

With just 5 days left for ‘Agent Vinod’ to release, actor Saif Ali Khan, who not only stars in the movie but also produces it, is getting a bit nervous.

Saif Ali Khan is especially apprehensive about how his movie will be received by single screen audience.

“It's perhaps a little too slick. There's a huge difference between the multiplex audience and those who will turn up in a single screen. I want the single screen audience to see my film as well,” he said at a press conference.

When asked if the actor was aiming to join 100 crores club he said, “We are looking at a Rs 200-crore business. That's the new benchmark.”

According to Saif Ali Khan the film’s USP is none other than the movie’s director Sriram Raghavan.

“The film's USP is Sriram (Raghavan). He had told me how Vinod would be part Bond, part Bourne and part Tintin. And there would be scenes where he would say, 'So this is the Bond part. ‘You can be a bit stylish',” said Saif Ali Khan.

But the actor quickly added that the ‘Agent Vinod’ wasn’t Indian ‘James Bond’.

“We have cars and cool chicks and gadgets. But Vinod is not Bond. Unlike 007, Vinod is introduced in a not-so-snazzy way,” clarified Saif Ali Khan.

When asked if the film was made up to the international standards he said, “The film we don't know, but the novel is surely up to international standards.”

While most of the movies now a days come with a tagline, ‘Agent Vinod’ hasn’t got any.

“We thought of one - No gadgets. Only guts,” said Saif Ali Khan and when this got the crowd laughing, Saif Ali Khan added, “That's why we don't have a tagline. It's a cool film. Vinod is a spy with a heart. And I hope and pray people like it.”

‘Agent Vinod’ will hit screens on March 23rd.


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