'Agent Vinod' being banned in Pakistan is a shame: Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Mar 22, 2012

Yesterday it was revealed that Pakistani Censor Board has banned Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’ in their country. Saif Ali Khan said that it was a shame that the movie was banned in Pakistan.

“It is a shame that the movie is banned, with no offence to anyone, as the idea is to have open films between the two countries. I was proud that this film was to release there,” Saif Ali Khan said during a press event today.

“In fact the heroine in our film is a Pakistani girl. We were hoping that they would appreciate that,” he added.

The actor admitted that the movie does draw inspiration from the real life tensions between India and Pakistan.

“This is a realistic kind of a thriller. We have shown that there are some negative elements in Pakistan towards India and their Censor have a problem showing that. We have shown a few most-wanted criminals, those that are harbored in Pakistan, which is a known fact. May be they have taken offence to that,” he said.

Saif, who plays a RAW agent in the movie, said that Pakistan Censor Board should come out in open and admit why they are banning the movie.

“If they are uncomfortable with that then they should publicise that fact that they are banning Agent Vinod in Pakistan,” he said.

The actor said that ban would only result in increase of piracy.

“Pakistan forms a large portion of our audience. The minute you put a censorship or ban, people will make sure they watch it. And we want them to see the film. In fact we wanted them to see the mujra performed by Kareena,” he said.

“It is a shame that they could not see the film in the best way possible. But we tried our best,” he concluded.

The movie directed by Sriram Raghavan will release on March 23.

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