I find rumors about me and Sajid unfair: Jacqueline Fernandez

Added by harini on Mar 30, 2012

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been in news more often for walking out of a movie than signing one.

When the actress walked out of ‘Raaz 3’, producer Mahesh Bhatt wasn’t happy with the actress and has said that the actress was on ‘remote control’.

But Jacqueline Fernandez denies any bad blood between her and Mahesh Bhatt.

“Unfortunately, I was signed for ‘Raaz 3’ beforeMurder 2’ released, but nothing was discussed about ‘Raaz 3’The minute we started talking about the role and the character and the narrations, we weren't seeing eye-to-eye. We weren't agreeing on various things and the last thing you want to do is to go into a movie feeling uncomfortable. It was very mutual. Mukesh Bhatt is one of those people who'd say if you cannot do it you just got to tell me so that we go ahead and find someone else,” she said to rediff in an interview.

“He was amazing to work with. No matter what he said in the media, I know if I bump into him he will always greet me nicely. I owe him a lot for giving me 'Murder 2'. It was my first hit and it opened many doors for me so I will never ever grudge it,” she added.

It was rumored that the actress walked out of the movie because she was reluctant to wear skimpy clothes.

“It's really annoying that the media latches on to a story and they just kind of link it to everything that happens around my life. No one gets to the root cause maybe because it isn't sensational enough. It seems to be haunting me and I'm hoping things will just move on. Nothing speaks more than a hit film and when the audience accepts you then nothing that's written about you matters any more,” she said.

The rumors about relationship between her and her ‘Housefull 2’ director Sajid Khan refuse to die down. The actress finds these stories uncalled for.

“I think your personal life shouldn't be shared with the whole world. The controversies were very shocking for me last year. How fast things were moving, how big the stories were getting last year. I just found it was unfair and it was getting out of control. Stuff like marriage being written about, meeting parents... it's really uncalled for. I didn't know why I was being picked on,” she said.

Recently it was revealed that the actress was approached for the Hollywood movie ‘Definition of Fear’.

“Yes, I have been approached for that. Nothing has been signed yet. Talks are on. I haven't explored the international side of cinema yet,” she said.

The actress will next be seen in ‘Housefull 2’ that is releasing on April 5.

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