'Jannat 2' is not a sequel: Emraan Hashmi

Added by harini on Apr 05, 2012

While many Bollywood celebrities shy away from releasing their movies during the season of Indian Premiere League (IPL), Emraan Hashmi’s movie ‘Jannat 2’ is all set to release during the much talked about IPL season.

“We are not scared of the IPL, the IPL should be scared of us,” said Emraan Hashmi during the music launch of his movie.

“‘Jannat’ was released during the IPL in 2008. We were promoting our film in Kolkata on the same day when the Kolkata Knight Riders match was on. Still, we got a 100 percent opening,” he added.

The actor said that the movie wasn’t a sequel to the movie ‘Jannat’ and he wasn’t playing the same character, as his character had died at the end of first film.

“My character died in the first part. ‘Jannat 2is not a sequel; it's a franchise. One man's quest for heaven and to attain life's luxuries for the girl he loves is similar to the first movie,” he said.

Emraan Hashmi plays the character of Sonu Dilli KKC (Kutti Kamini Cheez), who is in the business of illegal arms trading in Delhi.

“My character is a Kutti Kamini Cheez in every sense. The street lingo that we have used defines my character. When you see the film, you will see why this tag has been given to the character,” he said.

The movie marks the debut of Kingfisher Calendar girl Esha Gupta.

The movie, directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Mukesh Bhatt will release on May 5, 2012.

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