Young Tiger NTR’s Dammu in post production

Added by vidhatha on Apr 17, 2012

Young Tiger NTR’s ‘Dammu’ is in post production stage currently and the DI work on the film is going on now. There are tremendous expectations on the film as it sees Young Tiger NTR in his elements after a long gap. With Boyapati Sreenu being the director the expectations have only escalated further.

The makers are trying to make sure that a quality product is released for the fans in time. The last few films of Young Tiger NTR have been rushed in the last minute to make sure it releases on time and hence the post production works on those films suffered. This time the makers did not want the same thing to happen and hence proper care is being taken.

‘Dammu’ starring Young Tiger NTR as hero and Trisha and Karthika as heroines, is all set to release worldwide on April 27.


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