I am very inquisitive: Preity Zinta

Added by harini on Apr 18, 2012

Preity Zinta, who has been absent from big screen for over a year now, is working hard on her first home production movie ‘Ishkq in Paris’.

Though the actress was hardly seen last year in anything other than IPL events, the actress said that she was anything with idle last year.

“Lots of exciting, interesting and new things have been happening in my life, so the preparation and planning behind those things happened last year. I have been visiting the US frequently as my brother and my six-year-old niece live in Los Angeles. I was also busy scripting my first home production ‘Ishkq In Paris’ with Prem (Soni),” said the actress in an interview to a daily.

The movie ‘Ishkq In Paris’ will not just be the movie Preity Zinta will be seen after a long hiatus but also the movie with which Preity Zinta makes her debut as a producer. The actress said that her becoming a producer was a very simple decision.

“It was actually a simple thought. We wrote the film and decided we are going to make it. I thought if I produce it I would know exactly what is happening in it. There are no surprises. It's also taking one step forward. Sometimes you have to take a chance in life. I like to keep growing and I am very inquisitive about what's going to happen around me. Now that I entered IPL and went to Harvard I understand the structure of business more,” she said.

The actress has chosen a newcomer to play the male lead in the movie instead of a well established actor. The actress said that she chose to go with a new comer because all the stars that she wanted to work with were busy.

“Because most of the established actors I wanted to work with were busy with their home productions. We sat for one year to work on the script. We had a choice of waiting for 15 months or doing this film. So I told Prem let's slash our budget and make a small budget film and if we are confident and try a new actor - chalegi toh theek hai nahi toh we were at least brave enough to try it. I'm very impressed with this new guy,” she said.

The actress who is also co-writing the movie denied that she was ghost directing the film.

“It's very wrong to say that just because I am producing the film I am directing it too. It is completely Prem's baby and in fact, some of the best scenes written in the film are his too. I don't want to take away the credit from him. He's the bigger writer amongst the both of us. He's a very large-hearted and a magnanimous guy. I wrote because I have quirkiness in me and that I have given to every film of mine. I would like to state categorically, that this movie is 100 per cent original. It's a romantic comedy, set against the backdrop of Paris,” she said.

The actress whose relationship with co-owner of her IPL team Kings XI Punjab Ness Wadia ended last year said that she and Ness were friends now and she has moved on.

“Yes, of course we are friends. When you date someone for that long how can you not be friends? But we are not best friends. We don't talk to each other everyday because that's weird! I'm sure if something ever went wrong he would stand by me and vice versa but there's nothing more than that,” she said.

The actress said that she was single but tells the media otherwise just so that they don’t link her up with everyone she talks to.

“Yes, I am single, thank God! But you know what? These days I get scared telling people that I am single because when I say that, I get linked to everybody I meet. So I have a new strategy today - when people ask me if I am single I say 'I am dating somebody and it's a big secret' as that's safer than saying I'm single. I am very happy in my space. When I get married I will tell everyone because I have always been honest about what I do. Yes I will get married and have amazing kids,” she concluded.

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