'Jannat 2' lands in legal trouble

Added by harini on May 04, 2012

Just before the release of Emraan Hashmi’s movie ‘Jannat 2’, the movie has run into legal troubles.

Mumbai based writer Kapil Chopra has accused the Bhatt’s of plagiarism and filed a case against them claiming that the story of ‘Jannat 2’ is originally his.

According to reports, Kapil claimed that the story was his and he noticed the similarities between them when he saw the trailers of the movie. He claimed that everything from characters to dialogues were similar to the way he had written. He also said that he had infact registered his story with Film Writers Association way back in 2007.

After noticing striking similarities between his work and ‘Jannat 2’, Kapil approached the director Kunal Deshmukh and producer Mukesh Bhatt for an explanation. But the duo turned him down. Following the rejection Kapil decided to take the legal route and filed a case against them.

It is reported that Kapil is demanding an injunction on the release of the film and also wants due credit to him for the film made.

‘Jannat 2’ stars Emraan Hashmi and debutant Esha Gupta and is the second movie in ‘Jannat’ franchise.


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