Meeting people doesn't mean I am dating them: Bipasha

Added by harini on May 04, 2012

Ever since actress Bipasha Basu broke off her 9 year relationship with John Abraham last year, she has been in news more for her links up with several celebrities including Shahid Kapoor and Rana Duggubati than her movies.

Recently, there were even reports suggesting that Rana and Bipasha were contemplating moving in together.

Bipasha Basu has decided that high time to clarify this rumors and took to twitter to do the same.

“Fr a long time my name is being yo yoed with few ppl.As n when dating,break up,then patch up n marriage stories r being made. I really wish all this stops as none of it is happening. Fun loving person does not mean frivolous. Meeting ppl does nt mean dating them,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

She further tweeted that when she found love she wouldn’t be hiding it.

“When love happens I will embrace it n give it respect nt hide it ever.It tkes a lot in a man fr my heart to tick n flutter:)Nt happened yet!” she tweeted.

The rumors about Rana and Bipasha started ever since they worked together in ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.

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