It was wonderful to return to sets: Karisma Kapoor

Added by harini on May 11, 2012

Actress Karisma Kapoor is returning on big screen after her 2003 movie ‘Baaz: The Bird in Danger’, which was a huge disappointment. Even though her movies ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’ and ‘Zamant’ released in 2006 and 2009 respectively, they were delayed for years.

With the movie ‘Dangerous Ishq’ Karisma Kapoor is not returning to big screen but also to shooting.

“It was wonderful to return on the sets. Acting has always been a passion and today I have no pressure. It is just for the love of it. I want to work at my own pace because my family and children are the top priority,” she said to a daily.

“I was pretty clear that when I started a family, I would give my time and priority there. For me, leading a normal life is very important. Now that my kids are older and more settled, I thought, chalo, let me do a movie,” she added.

The actress said that movie ‘Dangerous Ishq’ was very different from the movies she has done till date.

“It is a supernatural thriller, something that I have never done before. I was waiting to do something different. I wanted to push the envelope further and this role offered me that. You will see the Karisma of 2012 in this film. A lot of research has gone into the film and my role,” the said.

The actress said that she decided to return to films now because she found her producers very accommodating.

“The industry has really opened up. The producers were very accommodating. I feel the industry is becoming like West where actresses like Angelina Jolie and Hale Berry are top stars and mothers. As long as you know how to priorities, things work out really well,” she said.

The actress said that even though she has been away from the industry for such a long time she really wasn’t away because of her sister Kareena Kapoor.

“When we are together, we always discuss films. We have grown up on them. I am very proud of her. She always had a mind of her own in selecting films. It was obvious that we would join films, it is in our blood,” Karisma said.

Karisma confessed that she was nervous while starting the movie but she soon adapted to it.

“It was unusual and exciting. I was nervous. 3D is a bit different. It is a little different in emoting also. First two days were a little tricky but I got used to it,” said Karisma.

The actress said that return to Bollywood wasn’t a planned decision and even from now she will take changes.

“I started as a struggler then became an actress of masses and then classes. That has been the case with me. I have always taken chances. I want to take movies that touch my heart,” she concluded.

Along with Karisma Kapoor the movie also stars Rajniesh Duggal, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta, Sameer Kochar and Gracy Singh.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt ‘Dangerous Ishq’ releases on May 11.

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